ABA Therapy

We provide the best possible evidence-based Applied Behavior Analysis services. FamilyCare Autism services utilizes natural environment teaching (NET) to teach a variety of skills across 6 domains; communication, play and leisure skills, social skills, activities of daily living, parent training, and focuses on reducing and replacing problem behavior. We provide one-on-one ABA services in your home, focusing on your child’s core skill deficits and behavior challenges. The number of hours per week of treatment and specific goals depend on your most important concerns and your child’s individual needs.  We employ cutting edge tailored services meeting you in the store, the classroom, or weekends if necessary, so that each child’s therapy is customized to their family’s diverse needs and demands. 

Early intervention affords the best opportunity to support healthy development and deliver benefits across the lifespan.

Kristen made a great progress with our son! We tried several strategies to get our son potty trained and overcome his food texture sensitivity and couldn’t make much progress until we worked with Kristen. She quickly developed the right programs to overcome his resistance and within a few months expanded his food selection and got him potty trained. She also helped him learn several other skills such as getting dressed. She is very persistent and organized and she has a great passion for her work, these qualities help her achieve the therapy goals. We highly recommend her!
— Abdelhamid A., Parent