Our initial assessment paired with ongoing consultation services provide the basis for treatment which allow us to better help and support you and your child.

Roughly 10-15 hours will be spent completing the Initial Assessment.  FamilyCare Autism services will meet with your family in your home and the community or school to personalize your child’s individual treatment goals to allow your child to be the best version of themselves. 

After the evaluations, assessments, and goal development, the Behavior Analyst will present a report with a recommended treatment program. 


During the initial sessions, your therapist will engage with your child to determine his or her likes and motivators as well as dislikes and behavior triggers.  Your treatment team and Behavior Analyst will discuss with you the most effective way to utilize our services by adjusting the home setting as well as outlining specific guidelines and responsibilities of the family for success. 

In addition, the initial sessions allow for baseline data collection to begin, as this information is important for evaluating and measuring ongoing progress throughout treatment as we target and prioritize your goals.   


Adjustments, data analysis, development of new strategies, and shared suggestions will be made as your child’s customized ABA therapy is constantly updated and modified based on individual performance and progress. 

Regular caregiver training will take place throughout treatment to support the family unit and unify the team in consistently implementing the intervention plans.  This ensures opportunities to review and practice acquired skills outside of the challenging moments.

Autism affects all ethnic and socioeconomic groups.